Get your team aligned
and thriving

Coaching and Facilitation to Build High-Performing Teams

Your team has so much potential.

You know it isn’t operating the way it could be. It leaves you feeling frustrated and weighed down. Everyone on the team is a solid contributor in terms of expertise, but relationships aren’t running smoothly and it’s holding your team back. This is overriding the work that needs to get done.

Some lack the communication skills necessary to function at a high level and conflict is often avoided. The team’s emotional intelligence is limited and this causes a breakdown in efficiency. Although things do get done, it isn’t ideal.

You need to optimize both tasks and relationships. But you’re not exactly sure how to do that. Plus, you’re busy with your own responsibilities. To make matters worse, the vision and values aren’t 100% clear to everyone, making it hard to be on the same page when working toward priorities.

Sample sessions



  • NLeverage the 3 V's for increasing influence and getting buy-in
  • NDiscover what non-verbals matter most to build trust
  • NLearn techniques to gain credibility quickly and engage your audience
  • NExplore how you want to come across with your personal brand

memorable messages


  • NShift from self-focused to others-focused messages
  • NLearn how the Curse of Knowledge can hinder you and what to do about it
  • NLeverage the 3-step Focused Framework to organize your message
  • NAttention Grabbers: use this technique to make your message stand out



  • NOvercome objections when selling your ideas
  • NGet your point across without being combative
  • NUse the Empathy Bridge to get others to listen to you
  • NLearn the most powerful question that gets a "no" turned into a "yes"

You want synergy and a “wow” factor.

Leadership is hard.

Leading a team is not for the faint of heart! With so many personalities and skill levels, it can be challenging. I’ve led many teams and it’s hard to balance it all – especially when people don’t have the communication and relationship skills needed to face what’s necessary.

Leaders shouldn’t have to figure it out alone.

I’ve coached many teams and facilitated offsites over the past 20 years, as well as led my own. I was part of the senior leadership team at Decker Communications and have experimented to find the best methods that work: as both the coach and on the field.

It’s time to get your
team aligned (and thriving!)

Here’s how to get started:


Schedule a Consultation

Share your challenges and I’ll ask plenty of questions to identify what you’ll need to you reach your goals.


Choose a Package

I’ll customize a package that will get your team to where you want them to be.


Relax and Let me Guide Your Offsite

You lead enough. I’ll do the facilitation work and ensure we reach the end goal you desire.

Here’s an example of topics you could choose:

  • $Leadership Presence
  • $Conflict Resolution
  • $How to Give/Receive Feedback
  • $Team Culture, Communication and Cohesiveness
  • $Mission/Vision/Values/Alignment
  • $Storytelling: Make Your Message Memorable
  • $Emotional Intelligence
  • $Presentation Skills

When teams come together, magic happens. The benefits of having an aligned team:

  • NMore productive
  • NClarity on roles, vision and values
  • NBetter relationships mean greater connection
  • NConfidence with communication skills needed to face conflict
  • NIncreased engagement
  • NA culture to be proud of

When your team struggles, it shows. It affects everyone:

  • Frustration, anger, and resentment
  • Wasted time
  • Confusion about roles, vision, values
  • Avoidance of conflict and facing issues head on
  • Lack of synergy
  • Unenjoyable to work together

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