Speak with confidence in the boardroom and beyond.

Even if you struggle with self-doubt.


Speak with confidence in the boardroom and beyond.

Even if you struggle with self-doubt.

Would you like to...

Sound confident and credible?

Stand out as an influential leader?

Know what to say & how to say it in any business situation?

Even as a seasoned professional, you hold back sometimes. You question yourself and wonder if what you have to say is valuable. You're likely missing opportunities. It's time you took your seat at the table.

Imagine being armed with everything you need to speak up and stand out, feeling 100% confident when introducing yourself or interjecting at a meeting.

Self-doubt and fear, step aside!

Speaking up doesn't have to be hard

Especially when you have the right tools and an amazing group of women surrounding you.

I often get questions such as, “How do I take all of my experience and talk about it in a way that’s clear and memorable so I stand out (and gets me the job or closes the deal!)?”

My vision is to help you develop the communication skills to speak with clarity and confidence.

Whether in meetings, negotiations, or simply day-to-day business communication, you CAN learn to be an exceptional communicator.

This is for you if you want to stop holding back and start communicating your ideas with confidence.



Any woman in business who wants to overcome self-doubt and speak with confidence (five women total).


6 weeks with 6 sessions for 90 minutes each.


Dates and times will be announced soon for the Summer 2022 group.

Investment: $1297 Paid in Full OR two payments of $675 each.


Personal Brand identity: Who you are and what you want to be known for

  • Discover your "why
  • Learn the 3 D's formula to make your vision happen
  • Define your values
  • Determine your unique angle of differentiation
  • Create your "I am" and "I believe" statements
  • Craft your vision

Mindset: Tackle internal obstacles

  • Overcome your self-doubt with practical exercises
  • Tackle fears such as imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough, and not wanting to be judged.
  • Learn the biggest obstacle of all and what to do about it
  • ​Experience the power of choice and self-agency

Presence: How you come across

  • Leverage the 3 V's for increasing influence and getting buy-in
  • Discover how to build trust quickly
  • Speak with confidence and credibility
  • Practice the #1 skill to avoid sounding like you don't know what you're talking about
  • Get feedback on your blind spots and your greatest strengths as a communicator

Communicate with Clarity

  • Get clear on the lead of your story
  • Craft a powerful introduction
  • Learn speaking prompts to help you own and articulate what you do (or want to do)
  • Discover tools to be captivating and effective at storytelling

Making Powerful Asks

  • Master how to make an ask for whatever you want, no matter how high the stakes
  • Learn how to deal with objections and pushback
  • Discover the most powerful question to turn a "no" into "yes"
  • Overcome the most common mistake women make when asking for something

Practice: Share your message

  • Share your story
  • Get group feedback on both content and style
  • Discover the most powerful question to turn a "no" into "yes"
  • Create and commit to your action plan

  • Video feedback on your presence & message
  • 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Karen
  • Worksheets and templates for each week


Pay in Full: $1197

Two payments of $625