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It’s for women in leadership who want to speak up and stand out. You’ll find both solo episodes and candid conversations with real people sharing vulnerable stories to inspire you with simple communication tips to step into your confidence.


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Are you a leader holding back? What is that costing you? Learn how to overcome your fears.

I know, because that’s my story.

I’m Karen Laos, keynote speaker and communication coach with 25+ years serving clients at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, and more. After years of holding back for fear of saying the wrong thing, being judged, and not being “good enough,” I finally recognized my value and owned it.

I got to where I was confident speaking up even when I knew it would be unpopular. I don’t care about people’s approval like I used to. It. Is. Liberating.

That’s where you come in. You can harness your doubt and be free! That’s my ultimate wish for you. I did it and you can, too.

Listen to my recent podcast episodes

Episode 135

Spiral Up with Karen Fullerton

Karen Fullerton found herself in a boardroom presenting an idea, only to be met with crickets. A few moments later, someone else stood up, restated her idea, and was met with engagement and conversation! What was missing? This led Karen to discover that energy speaks louder than any words we say and began her own journey. She’s now an Energy Catalyst who helps women SpiralUp to a life of emotional freedom, harmony, and happiness. Listen in to discover ways you can live from an energy that helps you reach your goals and dreams.


Episode 134

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Are you leaving money on the table? You could be, without even knowing it! Knowing your value, communicating it effectively, and following up are all essential skills for seizing opportunities. In this episode, I share four examples of business owners who missed opportunities and how you can avoid doing the same, whether you own a business or work for someone else. Learn how to seize every opportunity with confidence and ease!

Episode 133

Mindset for Success with Riana Milne

From being bullied in school to divorcing a man who embezzled her family over $200,000, Riana had to find her voice and change her mindset to rise from bankruptcy and create a new life for her daughters. Listen to learn how Riana helps others heal from childhood trauma and transform their mindset, moving from victims to empowered!

Episode 132

4 Qualities of an Influential Communicator Part 1

Are you tired of feeling like your words fall on deaf ears? Maybe you see that glazed-over expression in your audience, or there seems to be a missing piece in your communication with the team, and you can’t put your finger on what to do differently. In this episode, I share four qualities that anyone can master to increase their influence. You’ll learn how to develop them with mindset shifts, tips, and sentence prompts that you can use in all of your communication. Pick one, practice it, and increase your influence.

Episode 131

Fearlessly Build a Business with Nicole Grinnell

When Nicole began her work as a virtual assistant, she quickly realized that she had found an opportunity for women to enter the workforce, contribute to their families, and transform the lives of business owners. With her network in hand and idea in the other, she became a powerful matchmaker, connecting business owners with virtual assistants worldwide. Nicole saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other women, and she went after it fearlessly. Listen to capture a slice of her fearlessness and pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence.

Episode 130

Let Your “Why” Guide You with Ashley Russo

When it comes to having courage to step into your dreams, Ashley Russo discovered it’s not about having all of the information, but just enough to get started. It’s easy to get bogged down by details and paralyzed with fear and overwhelm. Learn how to check in with your “powerful why” and be inspired to take that courageous leap.

Episode 129

Behind the Scenes of Tedx with Roya Bashier

Being a TEDx speaker may be on your bucket list, but Roya Bashier explains that you need more than a good story to get onstage. It’s all about service. As the Executive Director for TEDxMinneapolis, Roya shares a behind-the-scenes look at TEDx and what makes an excellent candidate for the stage. Learn about Roya’s experience as a Sudanese-American born in Sudan and how her opportunistic attitude led her to her current position at TEDxMinneapolis. Listen to the end and receive tips on applying for the TEDx stage!

Episode 128

5 Secrets to Business Success

Business success is not random luck for some and only dreams for others. Ever wondered what gives? What’s the secret? Today I share my five secrets to business success so you too can be empowered to walk into any room confidently and watch your career or business grow. Embrace confident expectations, unleash your tenacity, and ask for the business fearlessly. Grab the secrets here and begin your own confident journey.

Episode 127

Resist the Urge to Give Your Power Away with Jennifer Hill

Have you ever taken a backseat and let the stronger and more experienced voices in the room lead? Or held back because you didn’t think you could get others on board anyway? Jennifer Hill realized this was her default response. Until one day, it hit her: she wasn’t leading her team well by not speaking up. Jennifer began the process of setting her ego aside and leaning into the uncomfortable space of speaking up. If speaking up feels uncomfortable for you, listen to Jennifer share her story and be inspired to “do the thing” – amazing things are on the other side!

Episode 126

Body Language Do’s & Don’ts

When preparing to present, it’s common to spend most of the time perfecting the message. It’s less common to practice engaging body language. Albert Mehrabian’s study shows that when we communicate, 55% is visual, 38% is vocal, and only a whopping 7% is the message itself. If your body language is inconsistent with your message, your audience will only retain 7% of it. This is not acceptable! Your message deserves to be heard. Listen and learn how to cultivate your body language so you appear confident and make it easy for your audience to engage.

Episode 125

See Yourself in Brilliant Light with Ivy Slater

Ivy Slater has one main takeaway for you: embrace your brilliance. Own your expertise, knowledge, and gifts. It’s time to ignore the negative self-talk that quickly circulates in our minds, and Ivy wishes she did a lot sooner. She is now on a mission to help other women do the same as the CEO of Slater Success to develop leadership and implement growth strategies. Listen to learn how you can see yourself in brilliance and how Ivy harnesses her introverted nature as a powerful connection tool.

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