Give them something memorable.

Keynote Speaking to
Impact Your Team

Give them something memorable.

Keynote Speaking to
Inspire Your Team

Experience the energy
and excitement in the room.

Exceed everyone’s

People rave about
the speaker you chose

Everyone leaves
with practical tips

You want someone engaging and inspiring.
It can feel like a tall order sometimes.

It’s tough to find speakers that are a perfect fit. There’s nothing more challenging then finding that ideal mix of connection and credibility. You want someone who’s not only engaging, but has a relevant message that equips you with practical tools to take action. It can feel like a tall order sometimes.

You May Have Seen Me On

“You made a lasting impression on this cohort.
It was our highest rated session in two years! We have not stopped receiving positive feedback! Thank you for speaking at our women’s leadership event.”

Claire Mayerhofer



Chief Commercial Officer, The Kessler Collection

Great keynote speakers become great with experience and feedback.

I’ve had a lot of both!

I’ve been speaking for 25 years and to top it off: I coach speakers to be engaging and inspiring. I know what it takes to captivate an audience. For the past 15 years, I’ve specialized in coaching and training professionals to up their game in their communications. I get enthusiastic reviews such as:

“Thank you for your transparency. Your stories were amazing. The whole talk was like a Pixar moment.”

Here’s an example of keynotes you could choose:

  • $Leadership Presence: How to Be an Influential Communicator
  • $The 5 Biggest Communication Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  • $7 Ways Women Give Away Their Power (& How to Take it Back!)
  • $3 C's to Command Any Room with Confidence
  • $Navigating Conflict: Know What to Say & What Not to Say
  • $Negotiation: How to Ask and Get What You Want

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Let’s chat

Schedule a call so we can explore your specific needs. I’ll ask plenty of questions to understand and identify what would exceed the expectations of your audience.

Move forward confidently

Confirm the conference details and sign the contract, along with deposit.

Pull off a
great meeting

Sit back, relax and celebrate. Rest in the satisfaction of knowing that your audience had a fantastic experience and left with tangible takeaways.

Booking the RIGHT
keynote speaker…

makes you look good!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve given
your audience a great experience?

  • ZYour audience feels connected to the speaker and therefore the conference or event.
  • ZHigh Net Promoter Score.
  • ZPeople leave informed and inspired because they've received relevant and useful content.

Booking the WRONG
keynote speaker…

not so good for you!

that could be bad for your reputation!

  • QYour audience has to listen to another lack luster speaker.
  • QPuts a damper on the event
  • QPeople leave disappointed and feeling like their time has been wasted.



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