Simple strategies to SPEAK UP
in the boardroom and beyond

How many opportunities have you left on the table?

Self-doubt, perfectionism, and people pleasing holds many women back.

It’s time to change that.

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Hi! I'm Karen Laos

Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator.

I first recognized the power of confident communication when I successfully negotiated my first flea market purchase at the age of six, under the direction of my dad. He taught me one simple action: to ask. That’s when my love for the deal was born.

But there were many years when I stayed silent because I didn't trust myself. I wasted time because I didn't speak up when I wanted to. My defining moment was being tongue-tied in a boardroom and my boss had to shut down the meeting. I was mortified. She said, "You didn't trust your gut!" and that's when I set out to change. I had been in a prison of my own making because I was looking for permission, thinking others knew better than me. I spent years on my own personal growth journey getting to the root of the problem, and once I did, it was liberating. I want everyone to be empowered and feel free.

Now, I guide corporations and individuals with my proven formula, creating meaningful transformation.

Industry leaders, like those listed above, trust me to equip their teams with the confidence and the skills to communicate as an influential leader.

My straightforward talks consistently generate long-lasting results by transforming self-doubt and missed opportunities into

empowered growth

more clients

job promotions

negotiation wins

If you’re tired of second guessing yourself and ready to step into your confidence, let’s do this!
I’m on a mission to eradicate self-doubt in 10 million women in 10 years. Want to join me?

You’ll overcome doubt and activate your courage to ask for (and get!) what you want. Stop asking for permission. It’s time to recognize that your voice is powerful. Use it! 

While I have led global teams and consulted many leaders, I have not been without my own struggles.

Like you, there have been times when my voice failed me. I stayed silent and missed opportunities.

How many times have you…


Held back from sharing your idea because you were afraid of what people might think?


Didn't ask for a promotion because you were afraid the answer would be 'no' anyway?


Let imposter syndrome or self-doubt paralyze you?

I get it. And, I see you.

“You made a lasting impression on this cohort.
It was our highest rated session in two years! We have not stopped receiving positive feedback! Thank you for speaking at our women’s leadership event.”

Claire Mayerhofer


Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible:


Chief Commercial Officer, The Kessler Collection


Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Kalibri Labs

“We rarely ever recycle speakers, but your impact was so great we wanted more people to hear you speak. Many participants said your talk was the best at the conference.

Juli Jones Senior Vice President, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

Stand Out

Here's how:


Inspiring your team to be confident communicators creates ease in leadership, fewer conflicts, and allows people to feel seen and heard.


Equip your team with the tools to know what to say and how to say it in a safe space allowing for experimentation and effective learning.

executive coaching

Become a powerful communicator and advance your career with 1-1 coaching and the collective wisdom of other high-achieving women who will encourage and support you in our group mastermind.


Want to go at your own pace? Take my signature course and learn tools to speak with confidence.

Corporate leadership
& communication training

You can no longer afford not to do this work. 

Through years of mentoring global leaders and the world’s most prestigious organizations, I have learned that communication training is not optional for those pursuing excellence. A strong communication model is now a crucial part of any C-suite leadership strategy.

Communication comes with challenges. Honoring every person within an organization means equipping them with the necessary skills to express themselves in a way that allows them to feel seen and heard. Providing team members a chance to voice their concerns and know how to communicate them effectively creates long term cohesiveness and allows people to flourish. 

Often, the entirety of an organization does not feel supported in speaking up about issues or challenges, which causes overall productivity and success to suffer. 

Communication, empathy, confidence and what used to be considered “soft skills” are foundational to a strong leadership team and successful culture within an organization. By mastering these essential tools for courageous conversations, best-in-class leaders can create a culture of transparency and engagement for their team members, resulting in greater productivity and positioning the entire organization to thrive.

Get them saying…

I want what she has

This is where:

  • $Apologizing unnecessarily
  • $Being passed over for the promotion
  • $Not asking for what you want
  • $Feeling like an imposter

…ends, and the rest of your life as a confident, skilled communicator begins!

“Your presence was all I needed to see. The passion, empathy, and confidence you demonstrated were beaming and authentic. I want to be like you!”

Pianist/Educator/CEO of Yukimi Song Studio LLC

How one team transformed


CEO, Renaissance Marketing Group

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