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Speak with impact in the boardroom & beyond.

First, you need to tell fear and doubt to

step aside

Whether you believe it or not, your voice needs to be heard.

Now is not the time to be silent. The world is waiting for you to step up and lead.

It’s time to let that brilliance inside of you burst forth. Don’t wait for permission. Take control of the floor now.

Become your own best advocate.

see me speak

You want to speak up, but you hold back.

Boy, have I been there.

I remember sitting in leadership meetings thinking “I should speak up! I have a good idea!” But, I’d stay silent because I didn’t trust that I would say it right or that it would be seen as something of value. Then, the moment would pass.

If you experience situations like that, there’s good news: you can fix it. It’s all about knowing how to put doubt in its place.

For almost three decades, I’ve been coaching women to move past their doubts, so they can contribute great ideas at important moments by having the confidence to speak up.

stand out

Here’s how:


Inspire your team to be confident communicators so they can stand out and lead with impact.


Get your team's communication to be clear and compelling through both their presence and message.


Become an exceptional communicator who shares ideas without holding back.


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Get them saying…

I want what she has

  • $Speak up without hesitation.
  • $Live in alignment with your true self.
  • $Be credible and influential.
  • $Free yourself from self-doubt and fear.
  • $Became an inspiration for others.
  • $Feel empowered and confident.


Hollywood’s Success Coach
Communications Director, Young Life Former Soviet Union

“Your presence was all I needed to see. The passion, empathy, and confidence you demonstrated were beaming and authentic. I want to be like you!”

Pianist/Educator/CEO of Yukimi Song Studio LLC

Are you letting misdirected doubt steal your “aha” moment?

Let’s change that.

It’s time to start speaking up so you can stand out.

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