Power House

Harnessing your innate power to ditch doubt and catapult your career.

“You’ve been there. Sitting at the table with an idea; a solution to the problem at hand, but you hold back.

You second-guess yourself, worried about being judged. You even have the senior-level title and years of experience, and yet, you hesitate.

You don’t want to rock the boat. You fear not saying it “right.”

Yet, by staying silent you miss another opportunity and come up short.

You know in your gut that you’re showing up small and that’s NOT who you are. You never want to find yourself in this situation again.

Many high-achieving women struggle with the exact same thing. And so did I.

Women are culturally conditioned to question themselves. We’re taught that we’re supposed to be perfect and make everyone around us happy (often at the cost of ourselves). We’re afraid of not being good enough.

As a result, we lack confidence, even as experienced leaders.

This is costing us. All of us.

We have to stop waiting for permission. It’s time to take your power back and BE the person you were meant to be, free to express your true self with nothing holding you back.

The Power House is a place with doors swung open, ready to show you how to harness that confidence so you can speak without intimidation, lead with authority and command any room.

It’s for women, just like you, to shed any constraints and step into what they know they’re capable of – a place to become who you are at your core – and use that passion to impact the world. It’s a mastermind of high-achieving women who want to activate their courage, ask for what they want (unapologetically!) and advance their careers.

All you need is a strategy and a support team, and that’s why I created The Power House.

I’ve been there, too, sitting in rooms holding back. It took a journey of discovery – realizing I was not owning and expressing my power, but rather, playing small and losing myself in the desperate attempt to please others. Once I was able to step into my confidence and unleash my power; I found the person I’d been all along. I was free!

You can free yourself, too, and come back to who you truly are, a powerhouse!

The Power House is waiting, doors wide open, for YOU.

Would you like to join us?

Inside the power house

It’s a place where practical and simple strategies abound so you can get results quickly.


Get that next promotion


Present with confidence & clarity


Lead with authority and be seen as an influential leader


Overcome imposter syndrome


Negotiate with power

You don’t have time to waste.

It’s a place where you can experiment in a safe and supportive environment where people actually care about you, and want you to succeed.

Through a laboratory environment practicing confident communication tips, we help each other through the collective wisdom of the group. 1-1 coaching gives you laser-focused attention to maximize effectiveness.

You’re invited

the power house manifesto

You’re invited

Invited into a house built from the strongest stone; solid roof and unshakable foundation. In the house sits a table.

A table surrounded by chairs of every size, shape, color and style…and it has room for you.

Women built this house.

With our relentless tenacity, fierce grit, high-octane passions, humble grace, and unwavering strength.

We built the table, expanding it as needed for those who desire more. Pull up a chair.

This is no ordinary house, where average and playing small survive.

This house is where the art of asking is championed in order to own your space. Where the art of speaking up ensures nothing is ever left on the table.

Where confident communication, clarity and connection make way for undeniably powerful leadership.

You were meant for more. It’s been said that regret is much heavier than failure, so why not leave your luggage and self-doubt at the door.

You are a woman, so now it’s time to roar.

Welcome to the the Power House, where The Confidence Key unlocks possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is open the door and step in to reclaim the power that’s been within you all along.

You are the powerhouse.

If you want to harness your innate power and catapult your career, join


Power House

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