Power House

The Power House is a mastermind community of high-achieving women who want to advance their careers and ask for what they want unapologetically. By developing confident communication skills through group and 1-1 sessions each month, you can rise together with more professional (and  personal!) wins. Schedule a call to learn more.


Invited into a house built from the strongest stone; solid roof and unshakable foundation. In the house sits a table.

A table surrounded by chairs of every size, shape, color and style…and it has room for you.

Women built this house.

With our relentless tenacity, fierce grit, high-octane passions, humble grace, and unwavering strength.

We built the table, expanding it as needed for those who desire more. Pull up a chair.

This is no ordinary house, where average and playing small survive.

This house is where the art of asking is championed in order to own your space. Where the art of speaking up ensures nothing is ever left on the table.

Where confident communication, clarity and connection make way for undeniably powerful leadership.

You were meant for more. It’s been said that regret is much heavier than failure, so why not leave your baggage and self-doubt at the door.

You are woman, so now it’s time to roar.

Welcome to the the Power House, where The Confidence Key unlocks possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is open the door and step in to reclaim the power that’s been within you all along.

you are the powerhouse.

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