What if you could channel the fear and quiet your self-doubt?

How much would your life change?

I’d say it would change a lot! There’s nothing more transformative than owning your value and finding your voice.

You and I aren’t so different…

I understand what it’s like to feel held back by misdirected fear and doubt. Although I’ve been coaching people for nearly 30 years, it’s been a combination of my personal journey, knowledge and expertise that has enabled me to guide others.

I’ve learned many lessons over the years, but I always come back to something my mom taught me about how to treat people: “Be direct, honest, and kind.” Communicating in an ever-changing world can be challenging at times, but those three simple words have guided me the most.

Fun facts about me:

  • $Originally from Minneapolis, I packed my bags in 1994 and followed my childhood dream of living in San Francisco.
  • $For the month of October to celebrate my 50th birthday, I fulfilled another dream: living in Manhattan.
  • $I do my best to live out my mom's advice: "Be direct, honest and kind." And "if you get invited to a party, GO!"
  • $Took a big leap of courage when I submerged myself in a freezing cold river and lived to talk about it
  • $I took a solo trip to Costa Rica to learn how to surf
  • $I lived on the road for 4 years in “Up With People.” You learn a lot traveling with 150 people from 25 countries!

Imagine this…

Walking into a room and feeling free to be authentically you. Confident and secure to openly share your thoughts and ideas without worrying about what people will think. Or having the courage to do something you’ve never done before. When you tap into that kind of confidence – which all of use have deep down – you’ll stop looking for permission or approval to share your ideas and focus on what really matters:

being the leader you were born to be.


Karen Laos, Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator, is on a mission to eradicate self-doubt in 10 million women by giving them simple strategies to ask for what they want in the boardroom and beyond.

Coached by her father, Karen first recognized the power of confident communication when she successfully negotiated her first flea market purchase at six years old. She now guides women to transform self-doubt into self-confidence resulting in more clients, job promotions, and negotiation wins. With 25 years serving as C-Suite advisor and commanding coveted stages such as Google, Starbucks and NASA, Karen leads the frontline of best practices for creating results through confident communication. She guides corporations and individuals with a proven model and is known for her actionable tips and ability to build trust quickly. During her corporate career, she led a team of facilitators while traveling the globe consulting industry leaders on the seemingly soft skills that impact the bottom line.

Karen is the author of Trust Your Own Voice: Growing Your Influence Through Confident Communication, as well as the host of her highly ranked podcast, Ignite Your Confidence, equipping women to stop holding back and start taking their seat at the table. Following her lifelong dream to live in Manhattan, she rented an apartment there for the month of her 50th Birthday.

One of her most fulfilling experiences was being on radio (the J.O.B. radio show and KFAX), coaching callers on how to make powerful life changes. Karen speaks annually at the BASS Conference. She also loves facilitating corporate retreats. She founded Kissing Frogs Project in 2010, an online community to help single women be true to themselves.

Karen received her BA in Psychology from Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Upon graduation, she spent 4 years traveling across the globe in the experiential education program, Up With People. She also completed 10 years of the Townsend Leadership Program.

Karen’s style is fun, encouraging and results-oriented. She immediately moves past the “fluff” and gets straight to the issue (just ask her clients!).

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