…walking into a room feeling so confident that nothing could shake you.

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It’s for women in leadership who want to speak up and stand out. You’ll find both solo episodes and candid conversations with real people sharing vulnerable stories to inspire you with simple communication tips to step into your confidence.


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Are you a leader holding back? What is that costing you? Learn how to overcome your fears.

I know, because that’s my story.

I’m Karen Laos, keynote speaker and communication coach with 25+ years serving clients at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, and more. After years of holding back for fear of saying the wrong thing, being judged, and not being “good enough,” I finally recognized my value and owned it.

I got to where I was confident speaking up even when I knew it would be unpopular. I don’t care about people’s approval like I used to. It. Is. Liberating.

That’s where you come in. You can harness your doubt and be free! That’s my ultimate wish for you. I did it and you can, too.

Listen to my recent podcast episodes

Episode 100

Celebrating 100 Episodes with Heather Fison and Dani Hamlet

Heather Fison has been with me from the very beginning and helped create the structure of this podcast. I have valued her feedback along the journey and her ongoing support. She shares her favorite episodes and the impact they have had on her career, and how you can apply the same tips to your life. Dani Hamlet has been my podcast editor for the last year, and she shares her biggest takeaways from not only being my editor, but also a listener. You will be encouraged to give yourself grace on your confidence journey and she reminds us of the value of listening.

Episode 99

When Something Triggers You

You know it when it happens: you hear that comment, phrase, or word and your whole body reacts – you’ve been triggered. Triggers have a way of flooding your whole nervous system with a lot of emotions, and in this episode, we talk about how to respond to triggers and how to avoid triggering others.

Episode 98

Lead with Service with Terri Leckas

When it comes to leading, Terri advises you to wear your own pants. It can be easy to lead with the same style you’ve observed, but when it doesn’t quite fit, you quickly realize you’re wearing someone else’s pants! From mopping floors and wrapping donuts to an award-winning cake decorator and business owner, Terri found that leading with service has always worked well for her.

Episode 97

How to Give Feedback

Most people shrink away from giving feedback even if it’s constructive, but especially if it’s negative. How do you give it with kindness while still getting your message across and maintain a good relationship with the person? Providing feedback is more than the actual feedback: it’s the experience you provide.

Episode 96

The Importance of Celebrating Wins

Celebrating your wins has so many benefits. Listen for these along with some amazing wins from real people who have accomplished amazing things, along with Karen’s favorite tool for celebrating your strengths.

Episode 95

Listening Tours to Transform Your Team with Hillary Miller

Good leadership is not by accident, and leading teams is more than being the expert in your field. Hillary explains how she leads from a posture of curiosity and learning. Hillary shares her professional journey and the strategies that have transformed the way she approaches leadership.

Episode 94

Expanding Diversity to be Fully Inclusive With Ruth Rathblott

One quick decision to hide her hand on the school bus led to 25 years of hiding for Ruth Rathblott. By later embracing what she perceived to be a fault, Ruth discovered her superpower to start a new conversation about unhiding and diversity.

Episode 93

How to Engage People on Zoom

You know how in some virtual meetings you’re engaged, and in others you’re disconnected and struggling to follow along (let’s be honest, that’s most of them!)? Presenting online comes with many challenges but let’s not allow engagement to be one of them. Listen and find out how to make a lasting impression in every virtual room.

Episode 92

Tired of Hiding the Real You? With Erica Goode

When a Chicago native finds herself living in the middle of potato farms and cows, that feeling of, “I don’t belong here” comes quickly. This forced Erica Goode to either try to become like everyone else or be herself. Her stories will make you laugh, but her message will hit home: confidence begins by embracing who you are and being yourself, no matter how different that makes you. After this episode, you may never look at M&M’s the same.

Episode 91

3 More Strategies to Lead Productive Meetings

How would you rate the productivity of your meetings on a scale of 1-10? The average answer is 3. Yikes! We’re in meetings all the time. Let’s make them as effective as possible. With a few simple strategies, you can make yours better and be known for your efficiency.

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