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It’s for women in leadership who want to speak up and stand out. You’ll find both solo episodes and candid conversations with real people sharing vulnerable stories to inspire you with simple communication tips to step into your confidence.


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Are you a leader holding back? What is that costing you? Learn how to channel your fear and self-doubt. It’s possible.

I know, because that’s my story.

I’m Karen Laos, keynote speaker and communication coach with 25+ years serving clients at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, and more. After years of holding back for fear of saying the wrong thing, being judged, and not being “good enough,” I finally recognized my value and owned it.

I got to where I was confident speaking up even when I knew it would be unpopular. I don’t care about people’s approval like I used to. It. Is. Liberating.

That’s where you come in. You can harness your doubt and be free! That’s my ultimate wish for you. I did it and you can, too.

Listen to my recent podcast episodes

Episode 83

Move Beyond Self-Doubt

The most confident person you can think of struggles with self-doubt.

This may seem impossible, yet after interviewing hundreds of powerhouse women I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t wrestle with self-doubt.

Overcoming it has more to do with moving through it than never feeling it.

Listen to today’s episode for practices designed to hack your brain so you can move beyond your self-doubt.

Episode 82

From Cult Life to Dream Life with Mindi Rosser

When Mindi listened to her intuition, it led her to leave a religious cult and begin the process of finding out who she really was. Following her dream to move to San Francisco was a bold move. Mindi’s confidence is contagious as she shares her story on how she came to be a business strategist on LinkedIn, almost by accident!

Episode 81

What to do When You’re Misunderstood

Have you ever been misunderstood? This can range from being accused of something you didn’t do to being accused of motives you never had. Recently I found myself in this very situation and suspected many can relate. Listen to my tips for handling these moments, so when this happens you have a game plan.

Episode 80

The Power of Persistence with Karen Haller

Karen Haller solves problems many of us are unaware that we have: being held hostage to color trends. As a behavioral design and color psychologist, she invites others into the freedom to embrace colors that give them life. Karen shares her story of perseverance and how her trail-blazing heart helped her carve out the profession she always desired, but didn’t know existed until later in life.

Episode 79

Why You’re Missing Opportunities

I’m passionate about helping women speak up and get more opportunities. It’s time for more women to claim their seat in the executive C-suite. I want to flame that fire and provide the tools you need to step into it. Listen and learn how!

Episode 78

Fear as the Path to Success with Kendel Paulson

When we feel ourselves holding back and hesitating, Kendel Paulson suggests you ask yourself this one question: what are you afraid of? Clearly name your fear, and you’ll begin to see the path forward. It’s not about working AROUND your fear, but THROUGH your fear. It’s only then you will see success.

Episode 77

How Not to Lead a Sales Call

How do you prepare for discovery calls with a business prospect? Listen to my tips on this call gone wrong (and what to do differently!) so you don’t miss your next business opportunity!

Episode 76

How to Start a Conversation with Strangers

Sometimes you’re surrounded by strangers, and you have to navigate the process of starting a conversation with someone you’d like to connect with. This can be overwhelming! How do you start a conversation? What do you do when you feel nervous? Listen and receive sentence prompts you can use today!

Episode 75

What are you Standing For? With Amy Wong

Amy Wong is an executive leadership coach, author of “Living on Purpose”, speaker, and facilitator who was once too shy to ask the waiter for a napkin. Amy’s transformation from being painfully shy to incredibly confident has equipped her with not only stories and empathy, but powerful perspectives to help transform your confidence as well.

Episode 74

Five Tips to Nail an Interview

Do you have an upcoming interview? If so, this episode is for you! I share my tips on how to prepare for an interview that set you apart from other candidates. With some preparation and the right mindset, you’ll nail your next interview!

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