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Are you a leader holding back? What is that costing you? Learn how to overcome your fears.

I know, because that’s my story.

I’m Karen Laos, keynote speaker and communication coach with 25+ years serving clients at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, and more. After years of holding back for fear of saying the wrong thing, being judged, and not being “good enough,” I finally recognized my value and owned it.

I got to where I was confident speaking up even when I knew it would be unpopular. I don’t care about people’s approval like I used to. It. Is. Liberating.

That’s where you come in. You can harness your doubt and be free! That’s my ultimate wish for you. I did it and you can, too.

Listen to my recent podcast episodes

Episode 119

Picture Your Success with Sharon Shannon

Stuck in a rural town, divorced with two sons, and unsure how she would pay her rent, Sharon found herself down and out for the first time. She had to go inward with hours of prayer to find her shovel and begin to dig herself up from the pit, climbing out of the trenches. Sharon is now the founder of Women of Movement, helping women do the same and more. Listen to discover the power your thoughts and words have over your life. Never give up on the flame inside that whispers: there’s more.

Episode 118

Surviving Trauma through Breathing with Tsikki Thau

Tisikki Thau discovered the power of breathing as a little girl, before she knew it was called meditation. Breathing was her technique for survival through trauma after trauma. This technique quickly became a career when she was 16 years old, and she’s been helping others harness the power of their breath ever since. Listen and discover Tisikki’s journey and be inspired by the power we all share: our breath.

Episode 117

Hype Women Up with Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher is a disrupter with a mission to make the world more equitable, and for women everywhere to make more money. She is successfully challenging systems that were not built by and for many of us, particularly women, and particularly women of color, and most specifically black women. Through Erin’s large following on LinkedIn and founding the recent Hype Movement hyping Jamie Lee Curtis hyping Michelle Yeoh, she’s making waves. Hype other women, and yourself!

Episode 116

How to Get What you Want on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, 22 Million Phones Will Ring, Americans will spend more than $32 Billion, American Restaurants will have the busiest day of the year, and Greeting Cards will Top the List of Mother’s Day Gifts…even so, 40% of mothers say they have ended up disappointed with their Mother’s Day! Mom’s top complaints: gifts with little thought, not being recognized at all or the recognition not being sincere. There is a simple solution: Moms, Ask for what you want! Listen as Karen shares her insights on how to get what you want based on two of her recent television appearances.

Episode 115

Uncover Your Potential Through Mentoring with Missy Chicre

When a mentor leaned in and asked Missy Chicre, “You have one life. How do you want to live it?” everything changed. This simple question transformed Missy’s mindset and led her to design the life she wanted. As the CEO of Menttium Corporation, Missy now leads an entire team to provide mentoring matches for professionals of all industries. Listen and be reminded to look for the best in people: the outcomes are unbelievable!

Episode 114

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals with Maria Maldonado Smith

From being crowned the first Hispanic Miss Kentucky to running her own consulting firm, Maria Maldonado Smith traces it all back to 3 goals she wrote down when she was 8 years old. Being crowned Miss Kentucky was #1. Listen to today’s episode and discover how goal-setting shaped Maria’s life and helped her get through some of her most challenging times. Maria now works with individuals and businesses to spread her message of writing down goals and creating a visual roadmap. You’ll be inspired to grab that pen and paper and take the first steps to making your dreams a reality.


Episode 113

Master your Mindset: A Journey from Brain Dead to Fully Alive with lindsey vertner

When Linsey Vertner woke up unable to move in a strange room, she knew something was dramatically wrong. Lindsey survived a “fatal” car wreck that left her brain-dead and paralyzed. In this episode, Lindsey shares her journey to full recovery and how she serves high-achieving leaders as an award-winning mindset expert and speaker. Listen to learn how you can master your mindset and increase your clarity, and be encouraged to make progress on your daring goals!

Episode 112

A Resilient Journey to the C-suite with Lori Kiel

Lori Kiel was a single mother at 17 who dropped out of high school and was close to being another statistic until she decided, “This is not my life,” and set out to change it. From the humble beginnings of a trailer park upbringing to the C-suite in luxury hospitality, Lori embraced the journey, failed fearlessly, and worked hard to learn every step of the way. She calls herself scrappy and resilient. Listen and be inspired by Lori’s ability to build a new career from nothing. You’ll be reminded that your starting line matters far less than where you end: begin where you are and pursue your dreams!

Episode 111

The Power of Eye Contact

Have you ever found yourself presenting in front of a crowd and realized you’re unsure what to do with your eyes? Do you scan the room, stare at the back wall, look up, or repeatedly look at the same people? Eye connection is a critical part of communication, and we must get it right if we want to connect and make an impact! Too much eye contact: we seem creepy. Too little eye contact: we seem disconnected and unengaging. Listen and learn how to master the art of eye connection from 1:1, to a large group or on Zoom. With intentionality and practice, you can show up and connect with confidence.

Episode 110

Tell Your Story with Strategy with Brielle Cotterman

When Brielle Cotterman nearly lost her life, it changed her perspective on everything. It lit a fire to rise from domestic abuse and change the world. Her tool to accomplish this? Stories. Brielle is in the business of uncovering and highlighting stories to make her clients shine. Today she shares how she does this and why leading with your story is so important. Brielle explains what draws people to one person over another and how to channel the science behind it to elevate your mission. Listen and be inspired to know your why and explore ways to make news happen, versus waiting for news to happen. There’s a big difference between the two!

Episode 109

Rise Above the Blame Game

You can almost feel this moment in your bones: you receive an email, or phone call asking to explain “what happened here?” or you’re accused of doing something that had unintentional consequences. Maybe you realized something is wrong and you’re left with that sickening feeling of having to address it. This often kicks off the “blame game” – pointing fingers and finding fault in others to deflect responsibility. This is natural, yet we need to push against it. Listen and learn how to shift your mindset so that in these situations you focus on what you can control. When we manage our responses, we can rise above the situations that come our way!

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